No Show Policy

No-Show Policy

A No-Show is the failure of any passenger using  Kalkaska Area Transit to be at the designated pick-up location, at the appointed time, and ready to travel.

No-shows disrupt service schedules and inconvenience other passengers. To avoid no-shows reaching unmanageable levels, KAT is initiating the following policy:

No-Show Fares 
Village Limits $2.00
Out of County $5.00
Traverse City $5.00
No-Show Fares will be paid in addition to your regular fare next time you schedule a ride.
Riders with continuous no-shows may have their KAT transportation privileges suspended.

Passengers must be at their designated pick-up location and ready to travel at least 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after their scheduled pick-up time. Any passenger not present and ready to board the vehicle within three minutes after the bus arrives will be considered a no-show.

Canceling a Scheduled Ride
Out County scheduled rides must be cancelled no less than one hour before the scheduled route. A reservation cancelled less than one hour prior to the scheduled route will be considered a no-show.
Village rides need to be cancelled before the ride is dispatched to avoid a no-show fare.

To cancel a ride, please call 231.258.6808

If riders cancel unneeded reservations in a timely manner, everyone will enjoy a more pleasant and consistent riding experience. And it’s easy. Just call 231.258.6808 at least one hour before your scheduled ride.
Thank you!