Anti-Bullying Policy



                The Kalkaska Area Transit (KAT) recognizes the need for a safe and civil working environment. KAT finds that bullying, like other disruptive or violent behavior, is conduct that disrupts both the working environment and the ability to provide safe transportation for our passengers.
               “Bullying” means the systematic, repeated, or recurrent conduct committed by a person or group of people against someone that causes measurable physical harm or emotional distress. Verbal expression, whether oral, or written, or electronic is included within the definition of “bullying” only to the extent that such expression is lewd, indecent, obscene, advocating for illegal conduct, intended to incite an immediate breach of peace, or the severe and pervasive use of threatening words that inflict injury.
                  KAT prohibits bullying on KAT premises and all KAT buses.